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Your Results

What improvements can you expect to see after implementing our recommendations?

Firstly you will feel your business coming back under your control as old and outdated processes with longstanding ‘short term’ fixes and patches that rely on goodwill, luck and hard graft in order to work are replaced by advanced integrated systems and software.

Your newly motivated key personnel will be able to focus on business development, rather than tedious administration work and fire fighting.

Better management of leads will result in increased sales, and once you have effectively communicated with your customers, your improved systems will stop them complaining about preventable issues and stop you having to pay for costly mistakes.

Your satisfied customers will buy more products from you, be more likely to recommend you to others, and be more prepared to pay on time, easing your cash flow and boosting profits.

Athensis enjoy great relationships with our clients, helping them to get ahead of the competition, and stay there. Let us show you how Athensis can help transform your business.

We recently had the pleasure of working with leading European wind turbine manufacturers Vestas.

Here is what they have to say about us:
“We gave Sophie an assignment to drive some IT improvements in our plants. She quickly identified the challenges we faced in introducing these changes, and also the people they impacted on. Sophie’s communication skills and pragmatic but creative approach give her the ability to connect with people very easily, and at the same time build their trust and confidence thanks to the results she delivered, and her personal attention to them. Sophie has worked with us in a very structured way, has been very successful in introducing new ideas to our staff and has implemented the improvements we wanted. She is a great change driver and at the same time is a nice person to work with. It was real value added.“
January 2011


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Athensis, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma Consulting, Lean Six Sigma Consultancy