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Each business is different and every problem unique.

By understanding your business requirements and objectives, and carrying out in-depth analysis of your existing business process, systems and software we can get a real insight into the core target areas. Then using cutting edge Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we can provide and help implement the bespoke optimised solutions which will revitalise and reinvigorate your business.

Operations analysis
We carefully listen to your view of the business, the history behind the current business plan and structure, the areas which are currently successful, those which you would like to improve, and your business goals and objectives for the future. Then we carry out an in-depth study of the structure and processes which enable fulfilment of your business, and also the requirements and satisfaction of your customers.

Software systems analysis
We analyse your existing software tools to see if they are best suited to your requirements. Many businesses for example, use multiple software systems with data duplication, often leading to errors, inefficiency and waste.

Systems and process analysis
We scrutinise your business processes to identify how and where they can be streamlined. We determine if process order can be improved, if existing tools can be better utilised, and where investment in new systems or equipment can be justified.

Findings and recommendations
We present and talk you through our findings and recommendations, normally offering multiple solutions ranging from those which can be implemented within a very small time-frame and at nominal cost, to those which may require more strategic planning and significant capital investment.

Project management and implementation
Following on from our findings and recommendations, Athensis can manage the installation and commissioning of your new systems, both software and operational, using your chosen methodology (including PRINCE2). We can guide you through your changes and ensure best results with minimum downtime and disruption.

Personnel training
Every project involves us working practically at an operator level to ensure your business gets the best return for your investment.


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